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  1. meems

    Free Softsoap ensembles at Target

    It's very ~eh~ I hate that you cannot refill it any way anyhow. If you do not like the green or purple, you can just peel off that outter layer & you get back to the white base. Anyway..there are also rebates for these..I have some if anyone needs any.. you have to purchase 1 pump & 1...
  2. meems

    Free $20 Gift certificate for Natural American Spirit (cigs)

    Thanks! Future son in law likes this brand..signed up & also sent the link to DD to sign up.
  3. meems

    FREE Handicapped Fraud printables or stickies with SASE

    That's hillarious..though I'd never have the guts to use one since you never really know the whole story..
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