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  1. newsol

    Free Oreos

    i got mine before the superbowl... saturday's mail maybe?
  2. newsol

    FREE JEANS!!!!!! woot!

    well it was SUPPOSE to be that you could enter every day... bu then the contest people realized they couldn't set it up the way they wanted so they had to switch to only one entry total, and they will draw new winners each day from the new entries... so if you enter today then you will be in...
  3. newsol

    Wii Shooter Gun & Racing Wheel FREE ... you pay shipping $5.99

    thought I'd bump this, just because it is still available!
  4. newsol

    FREE JEANS!!!!!! woot!

    If you went a few days ago and entered Lee Jeans Facebook contest you may have a FREE pair of jeans waiting for you. They had to change the rules of their contest and are offering every person who entered the contest before December 2nd at 2:05 pm CT, a free pair of Jeans!!! From their...
  5. newsol

    Wii Shooter Gun & Racing Wheel FREE ... you pay shipping $5.99

    I just bought this! posted it on my blog!
  6. newsol

    Free stuff from allstate -Update

    Codes in RED came up as invalid when I entered them (12.4.09)
  7. newsol

    The Body Shop: $15 Grab Bag ($50-$75 Value)!

    I just posted about this on my blog... I got 2 bags: took pictures and itemized the contents .... I think it was an amazing deal... I want to buy a few more :) it's just a place for me to show my family all the cool deals I've been doing... No referal links or...
  8. newsol

    Xtractaurs or Transformers

    I saw a transformers Mr. Potatoe head @ Kmart the other day... LMAO... bring your coupons... my store had it for $11 or $12 I think
  9. newsol

    The Body Shop: $15 Grab Bag ($50-$75 Value)!

    The original post?...
  10. newsol

    The Body Shop: $15 Grab Bag ($50-$75 Value)!

    I think they took off the 'love your body' card discount... it worked for me yesterday... sry
  11. newsol

    The Body Shop: $15 Grab Bag ($50-$75 Value)! links to the body shop page... is that what you needed?
  12. newsol

    The Body Shop: $15 Grab Bag ($50-$75 Value)!

    From Hip2Save Free Shipping on $30 : WEL103 10% off with a 'love your body' card... PM me if you would like to use mine :) Deal Scenario: 2 gift bags @ $15ea = $30.00 minus 10% love your body= -$3.00 -------------------------------- Total: $27.00 Shipping : $5.00...
  13. newsol

    Victoria's Secret: $19 Sweater & $21 Lip Gloss Trio ONLY $15.20 Shipped!

    I dont understand? split it in to two shipments... one with the sweater and lipgloss and one with the VS item and tote... should be like 20.20+tax am I wrong... I'm new soooo it's very possible
  14. newsol

    Walmart & Kmart: Weekend Deals & Bargains!

    Actually, I saw this at my store last night... looks like it might only be good in a few states... Utah and Idaho... maybe a few NJ stores... read the fine print before you get too excited
  15. newsol

    JCPenney: Play Kitchen ONLY $39.99 + FREE Ship!

    Somehow Santa always manages to assemble these kind of toys before delivery ;)
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