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  1. t♂ph

    thank you! ;)

    thank you! ;)
  2. t♂ph

    thank you! :)

    thank you! :)
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  4. t♂ph

    Help lol

    let's wait and see :) Hope someone else replies/comments. I didn't buy a protective screen for my android phone and it was okay. I think they're meant to be scratch proof but hey with kiddos around better safe than sorry :):h5: Do you have the newest edition? How is it? I would love to have one...
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    Help lol

    I usually check coz it has reliable reviews. I do not have an Ipad, however.
  6. t♂ph

    Lot 18

    thanks alicia for the update :)
  7. t♂ph

    Lot18: Seafood Utensils (12 piece set) $4.99 shipped

    bumping for laurelnev :)
  8. t♂ph

    Lot 18

    granms try another one. It wouldnt take my Discover ones but it took my AMEX gift card:bigthumb:
  9. t♂ph

    Free Glam Bag wyb John Frieda

    "while supplies last." hope you receive it soon though. btw, it's not exactly a glam bag but a glam garment bag. a very nice one :)
  10. t♂ph

    $40 Southwest Airlines flights

    web.. :kekeke:
  11. t♂ph

    Free $1 donation to support healthy initiatives at local participating Y and YMCAs

    please post UPC #s. thanks :) Visit and enter the UPC code found on packs of The Laughing Cow® and Mini Babybel® between 4/1/11...
  12. t♂ph

    Free FreeStyle Lite test strips and meter

    *if you qualify or call 1-877-854-3625 -Ebony magazine July 2011
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    For VocalPoint Members, Sample New Downy UNSTOPABLES for FREE

    You'll be one of the first to use and review New Downy UNSTOPABLES™.* Your FREE full-size sample should arrive in 5-7 weeks. When it does, try it and see how it shakes out. Then come back to share your thoughts. full-size sample? ? Kay, is this one of those "things that don't quite make...
  14. t♂ph

    For VocalPoint Members, Sample New Downy UNSTOPABLES for FREE

    :cool: mom likes to use downy :h5:
  15. t♂ph

    free zebra pen pal items(40.00 value) hurry first 1000

    thank you! :bowdown: Zebra pens are the best but not as popular.
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    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

    my grammar was off. lol I type without looking at the keyboard and I still mess up :/
  17. t♂ph

    Is this too good?

    post number 35
  18. t♂ph

    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

    I thought you were going to say daMn and made it dawn! :rofl: i have the 3rd gen :)
  19. t♂ph

    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

  20. t♂ph

    Amazon Kindle Special Offers

    coz there is the kindle with no ads and the one with ads which are special offers. You can find them in Menu then Special Offers. Then click Email Me and yeah it would come to your email connected to Kindle and Amazon.
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