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  1. Stephanie

    Free Yoplait cup

    Just saw this on TV.
  2. Stephanie

    Get LIPS for Xbox 360 - Number One Hits Bundle w/ Microphone-$22.99+FS

    Okay I want this, the microphone alone is worth it and I like to play Rock Band so it's win win for me. :]
  3. Stephanie

    Video Game Deals on Amazon

    Some pretty good deals on there, I was looking forward to playing Fable 3 myself.... Too bad my xbox live is out. :P
  4. Stephanie

    Free Dominos coupons or $5 GC

    My boyfriend did this one for me and also emailed them. I was happy to hear we'd be getting one in the mail, however has anyone tried the other coupons? I was wondering if those were glitched too. (There was a part you could give a bogo to a friend via facebook; boyfriend used my account to...
  5. Stephanie

    Free Nivea Men's body wash with coupon (Walgreens)

    Oh man, thank you for this! :D
  6. Stephanie

    Free Baby Carrier (pay S&H)

    Slightly related. I wonder if those models are really the mothers of those babies... Those slings are cute though, I seen them once or twice when customers come into my store, make me kinda nervous for the baby though. :noes:
  7. Stephanie

    Halloween Giveaway: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

    Looks like a DVD burner software.... Not completely sure. quality DVD ripper DVD burner HD video converter Youtube online video downloader The thing is, this will not work with a normal CD burner... You already have to have a DVD burner. Also I looked on the site, it looks like there is...
  8. Stephanie

    Rue La La $20 credit = $4.95 Philosophy set for $4.95 SHIPPED!! + MORE

    I have seen and smelled those cake duos and they are delicious! They made me hungry at the store.... :[ If you ever see Cinnamon Bun, it smells just like the real thing and equally delicious.
  9. Stephanie

    Free pair of no nonsense socks

    Yeah, the No Nonsense people are updating that their servers are being overloaded at the moment. They did post this: No nonsense: Our techies aren't happy campers right now. And obviously some of our fans aren't either. We're sorry and we hear you! Thanks for letting us know and over the next...
  10. Stephanie

    Free Bad Religion Live Album

    Hey Chris, can you look into this one? It's the official site so it looks legit. I like them, so I'm hoping it's really free haha. Looks like the downloadable version too.
  11. Stephanie

    free smart pack gummy vitamins

    Hey, I just checked this page on facebook and they have their Free Sample tab back up.
  12. Stephanie


    Wooo thanks, back to being excited! ~
  13. Stephanie


    It's not the same site posted earlier? Hmm, thank you for the warning. :]
  14. Stephanie

    Free Nightfood Bars Sample

    Already? That wasn't up for very long... :[ @ Mommy: We have these neat things at Sally that are on's supposed to be this tea drink thing that helps you sleep... Beauty Sleep It's not free haha, but it's on sale. I haven't tried it, but two people at the store did and apparently...
  15. Stephanie


    Awesome, I wanted to try this, thank you~
  16. Stephanie

    Free Enzymedica Digest Basic sample

    I want to try this, I'm always interested in vitamins; thanks!
  17. Stephanie

    Free Noise Cancelling Headphones $2.99 shipping

    A lot of times you can put on a normal pair of headphones, you can still hear things going on in the background of your people talking, tv noises, etc. Noise canceling headphones have a way of letting you JUST hear your music, not things that may be happening in the room. :cool:
  18. Stephanie

    Amazing slippers $1.13 hurry!

    The Grey Ragwool look like they are still discounted.... but you pay $5 shipping...
  19. Stephanie

    free smart pack gummy vitamins

    Awww, I always buy gummy vitamins lol. I was first hooked on the Flinstones ones. :)
  20. Stephanie

    Thank you for adding me. :3 <3

    Thank you for adding me. :3 <3
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