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  1. Christina

    Free packet of flower seeds

    Free Flower Seeds - YAY! :wiggle: Thank you Chris.
  2. Christina

    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    Thanks Cake. I'm not having any luck getting it to go though. I'll keep trying cause I really want one of these.
  3. Christina

    CVS egiftcards, buy $25, get $5

    Wow, Free $5! Thanks for posting!
  4. Christina

    Free Stuff for Earth Day

    fan palm ... what a cool tree,very tropical looking. I was just checking out a post over at AFC and it appears that you go and get your tree first and then register it so it will become part of their map as to where and what trees are being planted. Wish I lived closer or I'd go get me a...
  5. Christina

    Free Stuff for Earth Day

    Do you know what choices they are offering? I didn't find a list. What kind of tree to get will depend a lot on where you plan on putting it.
  6. Christina

    HU ~ New Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice Drinks on FB

    :mail: Got mine today too and hubby drank it tonight. I took a taste and it tastes like the Trop50 Pomegrante Blueberry except with carbination. We won't buy it. The straight Trop50 juice with no carbonation is much better in our opinion.
  7. Christina

    Free Starbucks Drink When You Bring a travel cup on April 22

    Love you new avatar pic! The one on the left is roxy, yes? and who is the other cutie?
  8. Christina

    Free KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS 2011 after rebate

    :wavey: Any good deals out there on the Kaspersky internet security? NVM I see Frys has a $25 rebate on that.
  9. Christina

    Lowe's 10% military discount

    Good info to post mcs1962 since not all people know. Just to clarify though ... this is their policy, not just an offer, meaning it runs 365 24/7 at all Lowe's stores and has been for many years. Note that certain clearance items do not get that 10% discount. They explained it to me a couple...
  10. Christina

    Free Happybaby product -coupon

    Amanda, this is the kind you were looking for, yes? I signed up for it so if I get one I'll send to you.
  11. Christina

    Amazon: Canon Laser All-in-One Printer Only $91.13 + Free Shipping (59% Off!)

    @ Amazon priced from 69.35 for the toner cartridges new. 15.81 for used or refurbished. I am happy with the Lexmark X2650 Color 3-in-1 (print,scan,copy - including pictures) that I got at CVS 75% clearance last fall for 14.99, was originally originally $59.99. Of course the cannon you...
  12. Christina

    Free Nivea 'My Silhouette' at Target

  13. Christina

    FREE Pre-School MP3 music downloads from PBS Kids Sprout You can also print the lyrics so you and your sproutlet can sing along.
  14. Christina

    Free Bic Lighter -coupon

  15. Christina

    Free Sea Turtle Door Hangers, Table Tents, and Bumper stickers -FL only

    "Please fill out the form below to request Door Hangers, Table Tents, and/or Bumper Stickers. If you are not located in Florida, you can request samples of each item by sending STC your mailing address. Email STC." Looks like you still request these get this even if you aren't in Florida.
  16. Christina

    Woodstream Triple Tube Bird Feeder $5 AR

    Yeah that is a really nice feeder, great deal.
  17. Christina

    Perky Pet Hummingbird Feeder $2 AR

    Its tough to say Sandy why you are not seeing blue jays in your area. I checked out the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology website and on their 2011 checklist blue jays are listed as common, however, as quoted from Wikipedia "Recently, the range of the Blue Jay has extended northwestwards so that...
  18. Christina

    Perky Pet Hummingbird Feeder $2 AR

    Shoot. I just typed up a really long reply to you Sandy and my PC went off line and I submitted and poof gone. Should have known to copy before I hit submit just in case. Anyway, in short now LOL, blue jays like large platform feeders ... they like peanuts and sunflower seeds. And yes all...
  19. Christina

    Perky Pet Hummingbird Feeder $2 AR

    I often wondered about those window suction ones if they would attract the hummingbirds or not being right up on the window. I may have to get one for my office.
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