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    2 free Coldwater Creek necklaces

    worked for me
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    300 Free shirts

    well laurelnev i think i owe you appologie about yovia they told what i got is by a selection they chose certain to have the things that sort of why it did not work out for some.
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    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    I never I do not go dabbling in this kind of thing
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    Hello I have another freebie for you

    -update-they are giving away at least 9 free art samples it is real stopper in a good way they have free gift box free gift tag free book mark free calendar page so many things good idea yes I think so any thank you .
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    Hello I have another freebie for you
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    Free White Cane for the Blind

    You people have a major problem it is just a cane let it go I did
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    Free White Cane for the Blind

    well i signed up i am not afraid of karma it already victemized me
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    Free White Cane for the Blind

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    Free White Cane for the Blind

    it seems legit key i do not see what is wrong
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    free tote bag from polar free synch bag when you contact them live on the chat feature
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    Free Coffee and Gift From Starbucks Jan 14-16th (in store)

    i refuse to waste gas not to mention a ton of money just to get a $1 off and 2 samples
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    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    this is dumb i have to file by phone or digital form no way
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    StumbleUpOn Amazon GiftCards

    sounds fraudelent to me
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    i emailed them they told me they be happy to send me everything i requested
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    Free shirt, yo-yo, or fork/knife/spoon from Grub Hub

    i got the yo yo burger
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    Tebow stickers

    hello laurelnev i just wanted to tell you that if you want the freebies from yovia this might help you out contact the email address or the company of the place and tell them you would like to request the freebies you wanted and they send you a email asking for your personal information then...
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    Tebow stickers

    i got my water bootle carrier and my air freashener
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    Tebow stickers

    oh i forgot update yovia will be shipping the fallowing items this week be on the look out
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