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    SupplyAID No-Touch Utility Hand Key Tool w/ Sanitizing Box, 2-Oz Hand Sanitizer & Fill Tip $0.57

    Shipping is not free (at least now...) - it is $6.48
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    40oz. Blue Diamond Almonds (Smokehouse) $9.60

    Chris, if I havent told you lately how much I love you. I'm telling you now :):) SMOKEHOUSE ALMONDS! WOOTWOOT!
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    Salomon Women's Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes $69.90

    Chris, you are officially my favorite person in the world right now! My Salomon 5s costed me $150, but worth every penny for trail running (and I'm CHEAP - so that is huge). Woohoo! I'm buying at least 2 more pairs at this price. Thanks so much!
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    Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account 1.5% APY and $100 Bonus w/ $10,000 deposit

    I've had these accounts for over 10 years (Capital One bought out ING Direct). AWESOME!!! I get monthly accrued interest at the 1.5% APY (it was 1.7%until April - screw COVID!) I'm super nervous about investments, so something stable like this makes SO MUCH SENSE especially in turbulent...
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    Gap Factory Extra 50% Off Clearance: Women's V-Neck Pullover Sweater $5.50 & More

    Good looking out, Chris. I like the sweater. However, ladies: avoid the Ribbed turtleneck dress! It looks horrible, even on the model's perfect body. Imagine if a woman were carrying even 5 extra pounds around the middle... Don't the Gap buyers think of this stuff?
  6. H $5 Free ShoeFan Reward + 30% Off Select Items: Crocs Athens Flip Flop $8.97

    Ebates (now Rakuten) gives an extra 15% cash back on purchase price (before tax)! Woohoo - Crocs for cheap! Thanks Chris, I hope you are richly rewarded for all the time you spend saving us money
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    $15 Domino's Pizza Gift Card (Email Delivery) $10

    Chris, what is the link for the $10 for $15 Domino's deal? (mistitled post)
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    Apple Watch Series 4 select models $384

    At least for the base models, same price at Costco (Plus their amazing return policy) + $5 shipping though, so I guess not really.
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    CVS ExtraCare Members: 50-Ct Vicks Menthol Anesthetic Drops $0.60 shipped

    40FORU = This coupon is expired
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    Dunkin' Donuts First Qualifying Transaction: Up to $3 Back Free

    Hey Chris. Question: Can a husband and wife use their separate Groupon accounts but get this deal twice by linking the same card to each account? Or will Groupon catch it and only let one deal be credited? (By the way, thanks for all the great freebies and deals! I'm a 10+ year daily FSTer, and...
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    Fidget Spinner Anti-Stress Toy (Bat Shape/Black) $0.10 shipped

    Code has expired. Would have been nice, but too little too late.
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    Free 8x10 print at CVS

    This came in an email from CVS: 1 Free 8x10 Same Day Enlargement Promocode: PICTUREMOM!/pdpview
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    40% off on anything on groupon

    I tried adding an Ipad to my cart, it didnt work. I tried adding a random local deal to my cart, it still didnt work.... Then I tried adding the Apple TV 4 you reference above...nope. The error is "This code is not valid. Try again" and "Sorry, the code can't apply to this purchase. Check the...
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    24-Pack of 8oz V8 V-Fusion +Energy Drink $8.75

    This probably not at all nice to post, but I got 6-packs of these for $1 at the 99centsonly store a few months back, so keep your eyes out if you have a store near you :)
  15. H New Customer Coupon for $15 off $20

    Code only works on orders over $79. Darn, got my hopes up.
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    Multi-function Credit Card Size Multi Tool $0.10 shipped

    This coupon has reached its usage number limit.
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    100-Pack Ammex Vinyl Gloves (Medium) $2.55

    Umm... It's showing up as $15.00 w/ free s&h.... And I quote, Price: $15.00 ($0.15 / Gloves) & FREE Shipping Only 10 left in stock.
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    19.5" Acer S200HQL 1080p LED Monitor $50

    Chris is there a coupon? It says, " Add to Cart $99.99 Free Shipping"
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    Free Panda Express Chicken Egg roll on 2/8/16 w/ coupon coupon good for one free chicken egg roll while supplies last. one coupon per person...etc.
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    $25 Walmart Gift Card for $10

    Yeah, they cancelled the order last night. :oops::oops: Darn, I was so hopeful!
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