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    Happy Birthday Chris....and me...

    Happy Birthday to both of you! Enjoy yourselves!
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    Free Pasta Server

    Still waiting on my pizza cutter from them! I don't think they deliver!!!!!:dunno:
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    Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

    They are giving away free samples all summer on their facebook page but the samples are gone for now. You can leave your email and they will notify you when the next batch of samples becomes available.
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    Chatter Teeth, Neoprene Bottle Holders

    It now says they give away a limited amount every week. I signed up again to try and get one.
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    Ellen Show Free Box: Nature's Path Granola Bar Sample

    Free Granola Bars Thank you!!! :jump:
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    Free Americam Music Awards party Kit

    Filled up already!
  7. L Tiki Trivia

    You can always log in and read the question then go and google it and then come back and play. I've done that and it works. I won a t-shirt too but have yet to receive it.
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    Kraft first taste Greek Non-Fat Yogurt coupon

    Nothing in mine as usual! :sadwavey:
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    My Coke Rewards 12 Pack

    Gee, I never added any points to my account even though we drink COKE all the time. Still, I was able to enter enough points now to get 4 packs free! Thank you so much! I will start adding points to my account now - all thanks to you!!!:bowrofl:
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    Johnsonvile Deli Bites

    Johnsonville Bites Got my sample quite a few weeks ago! It was delicious! :yum: Sorry you haven't gotten yours yet!
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    Free box of smuckers uncrustables sandwiches on 9/13

    Free box of Smuckers Uncrustables Couldn't find it - just like everyone else can't! Contacted them and told them I was disappointed hoping to snag some coupons!!!:noes:
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    USPS Sample Showcase

    Sweet puppy aquilar 9!
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    Free Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Sample

    Free Sample of Arm & HAmmer Typed in by hand and form comes up but if you have done it before it won't allow you to do it again.:(
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