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    Presto® Pro Salad Shooter Slicer/Shredder $42.49

    Got one of those @ Walmart for $18.99 over a year ago. Quite noisy. It it improved? for $30 extra.
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    $25 gas card for $1.95

    Have you done it? How does it works, Any other fee. Have you actually received the gas cards mailed to you. **************** Tried it. bidding end at $18.50. Most of stuffs came out very closed to listed prices. What's the point?
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    Cheap Method Laundry Soap @ Target

    I use those balls for drying. I got them form Bed Bath Beyond with instruction for dryer like static sheet that can be re use over & over. I don't understand part the part for washer, How the oil & grime came off? About Listia - Can I deal locally only to avoid mailing / shipping with those...
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    Does anyone happen to have a promo code?

    They are difficult to use at the restaurant ( too many rules). If you watch and wait they goes on clearance at 90% off ($1 for a $25 certificate) or 80% off ($2 for a $25 certificate) all the time. I stock up plenty when I come across one.
  5. I Box for .01 !

    sound like ".01 including shipping" is to get your CC. Do you get cancelation confirmation via e mail as well?
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    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    Yep, got my $15 check. Spent - thanks Kellogg.
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    Free Vanilla Extract, Free Caramel Flavoring, and Free Food Coloring -S&H

    Thanks $5.99 shipped Update: Got mine today. 1 Caramel, 1 Bourbon Vanilla + 3 free food colors. Hope they are good stuffs. Finally, My free spank sock show up via Fedex.
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    Subway: $2 Cold Cut Combo & Meatball Marinara Subs –

    Why they call them"COMBO" ? I always think of it's a meal deal?
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    $1 lunch Friday only from Groupon

    Last time merchant did not redeem the certificate, we got our $1 back + free food. Love Group On friday.
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    $10 Subway gift card for $5

    Anybody got this deal from savemore? Have You received your ordered product? ******************************************** --- $7 for $30 worth of Jew via promo credit. I order my $30 jewelry since 10/15/11 - I can not log back in to track...
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    $5 for an AMC Theatres Silver Experience movie Ticket

    FYI. Gold - any movies. Silver - 10 days or older movies.
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    Eversave - $2 off today only

    Any good national deal ? Seattle has $5 a year, Parent Mag. They always do promo with not salable stuffs.
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    Kohl's Printable $10 off $25 purchase of any Mudd Apparel.

    $10 off $25 purchase of any Mudd Apparel @ Kohl's. **************************** ****************************
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    200 digital prints for $1.99 shipped from Kodak

    Neve rmind. At the end shown $1.99.
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    2lb ham as low as $2

    Some people orders got canceled... What gives? No Ham for me!
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    2lb ham as low as $2

    Mine said "scheduled to ship" but found this on their FB. ************** Omaha Steaks It has come to our attention that an individual posted one of our mailer offers online but did not include the appropriate terms and conditions that were published with the original offer. We assure you that...
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    Free Kidorable Umbrella -S&H

    Still not working !
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    Free invisible glass
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    Is this too good? ************************* Anybody tried this site before? $10.81 for seemingly nice watch. Are they as nice as shown? Any catches? :run::run::run:
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    $4.99 walmart furnitures - FREE shipping.

    Not so bad, they are stackable. Black or white. $4.99 each, Free shipping with site to store. ***************...
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