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    Free Reach floss at Target and Walmart

    My local Rite Aid also had this marked at $1... so FREE!
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    100 to 100,000 Free American Airlines AAdvantage miles

    I don't want to sound like a ditz.... but I'm going to anyway : ) Is there a special place to enter in your number? I'm trying to do it on my phone and its not there, so I'm assuming I'll have to do it later from home. I just wanted to double check : ) Thanks!
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    Free 3 day Los Angeles Metro TAP card

    I hope they send this to me even thou I live in NY.... I'm going to visit a friend in LA in a few months, this will be be helpful for me to get around when she goes to work : ) Thanks! ************Update Looks like you can only request one per computer/ IP Address. I tried to order...
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    Kraft First Taste free Philly Cooking Creme

    Yay me too! And I've wanted to try this! Thanks!
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    free cup of yoplait

    Awesome! Thanks! Im pretty sure this one is different, well I mean at least it worked for me!
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    Free Disney movie promo??

    I'm at work now... The email was sent out because this month marks my 1 year anniversary since I signed up for Disney Movie rewards...
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    Free Disney movie promo??

    Did anyone else get an promotional email from Disney Movie Rewards saying that if you enter 2 blue ray codes before 2/28 then you get a free blue ray??? I got the emial at work today and I cant remember exactly what it said you have to do. It's driving me crazzzzy! Well, maybe I AM crazy. :rofl:
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    Free $5 McDonald’s GC

    sweet! It worked for me too!
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    FREE $5 Mamapedia Credit = FREE Parents Magazine

    Awesome I had this sent to my sister in law : ) she's going to love it!
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    8 Free Top Magazines with Rewards Gold

    Newsweek for me! Thanks!
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    Free $25 gift card

    I did this yesterday but I didnt get an email for the diningdough... Any word on how long this might take?
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    Free Corn Bread and 3 lb. of Chiquita Bananas at BJ's Wholesale Club

    Can I take advantage of like a day pass and use this or like a free trial? I've never shopped at BJ's before, but would love to take advantage of this deal!
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    Free Bare Escentual mini foundation, primer & brush at Sephora stores

    Below the fine print and under the link that says UNSUBSCRIBE there's a note that says "Please note that the information contained in the above email is only relevant for Sephora stores in Canada." Boo
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    Free Bare Escentual mini foundation, primer & brush at Sephora stores

    Only valid in canadian stores : (
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    FREE Sample of Minty Kisses Chewing Gum

    I second that... My company blocked me clicking on this site with a reason of potentially damaging... They dont do that for normal sites offering freebies....
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    Free magazines from RecycleBank

    6 points short... : (
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    High Precision Tweezers - $.39 shipped

    Got mine! You rock! Repped!!!
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    Free NFL reusable shopping bag

    Got it! Thanks. Here's to hopin for the gift card too :)
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    FREE Arby's Jr. Shake

    yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I may take a drive for a treat on lunch today : ) It'll help break up my 9am-8pm shift today. uggh
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    free Popcorn?

    Technology these days... Thats impressive : )
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