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    Free Jericho Skin Care product samples

    Did anyone receive this one?
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    Free science activity kit for kids

    The first 1,000 entrants will receive a science activity kit, and if you enter before December 31, 2010, you’ll receive a cool Kids’ Science Challenge button with the lizard logo!
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    Free Arm & Hammer Toothpaste Sample

    I've seen this posted back to 2005... not seeing the sample now though. How old is that Redbook? ;)
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    Free Kahiki chinese food product -coupon

    Yeah, I saw on another board they got a coupon for free product. (they took a picture of it)
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    Free GoodBelly Tote Bag

    this is working now!!
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    Free GoodBelly Tote Bag

    page not found :(
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    Free sample of Dove Daily Treatment conditioner

    Must be the same sample? It told me I already registered. ;)
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    Free SoBe Lifewater at Target

    I used two of these B1B1 at CVS last week when they had them on sale for 77 cents each. Not a bad deal to get 4 for $1.54. I don't love them, but they're not bad. I prefer the Crystal Lite - which are 10 cents each when you buy them at the dollar store (or less, if you use deals like they had...
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    Free shoes from restricted footwear

    Their Facebook fan page said 25. :)
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    REMINDERS:If You Plan 2go Shopping 2day..

    Excellent use of your "Free" time!! :)
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    Free SoBe Lifewater at Target

    Yes, Anna, that's how I understand it. :)
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    Free SoBe Lifewater at Target

    The 50 cent ones are Target coupons so you can stack with the manufacturer B1G1 coupons. If you get 10, you'll get a $5 gift card. Buy 10 @ $1 each. Use 5 B1G1 (you're buying 5 and getting 5 free = 10 total). Your subtotal is $5. Use 10 50 cent coupons, because you're buying 10...
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    Free SoBe Lifewater at Target

    Find another computer! It will print again from another system :)
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    Free shoes from restricted footwear

    Kamaree, only if the commented on both the Fan site and the Friend page!
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    Free shoes from restricted footwear

    It might help to invite your friends by TELLING them, not just inviting them thru FB. I personally never look at my notifications and have hundreds of them. Might be better to post on your friends' walls or something they'll see. PS: yay, free shoes!! (got mine!)
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    Hussana Body Care Lotion (still available)

    Thanks Pam! I haven't gotten them, but I can't remember for sure if I signed up before ;)
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    Hussana Body Care Lotion (still available)

    I guess this has been around for a while. They send a confirmation email, so maybe people miss that... but I have heard reports it doesn't come. :( Anyone know one way or the other?
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    Free cone or dish at Ritter's Frozen Custard

    They say you have to invite your friends to their Facebook page, then send an email to with your home address to get a coupon. FL, IN, MI, NJ, OH, TX Find a location:
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    Nivea Facebook Happy Hour going on NOW - free samples! Today at 4 pm and 9 pm Eastern time.
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