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  1. Josie101

    Free Vanilla Extract, Free Caramel Flavoring, and Free Food Coloring -S&H

    Got this in the mail today. Not too happy about it either.They only sent me one 2oz bottle of Vanilla extract and said that it was a limit of 1.So i didn't get the extra bottle of free caramel that i was supposed too.I used the code as i was supposed to too.I guess i paid $3.91 for ONE bottle of...
  2. Josie101

    Free Patak’s Party Kit

    Food Lion sells it :)
  3. Josie101

    50 Free RecycleBank Points

    I have my computer set to allow popups & even set my computer to always allow popups from the recyclebank site.After trying many times my laptop finally told me to hold the CTRL down at the same time i click on the button "get my points" & then the popup came up and gave me my points.Weird but...
  4. Josie101

    50 Free RecycleBank Points

    I hope someone can help me with this. I had a desktop computer (got fried by lightening a couple weeks ago :( ) & the Recyclebank site worked fine.I'm now using a laptop and after i do the pledges & go to click on the "get my points" absolutely nothing happens.It won't pop up another page or...
  5. Josie101

    50 AA batteries, $15 shipped

    Got my batteries today! They sent me three 18 packs which is 54 batteries so that's even a better deal :h5:
  6. Josie101

    50 AA batteries, $15 shipped

    Thanks Laurelnev & brighten27 :) Paid with Paypal $ i had in my acct so this was an awesome deal for me :)
  7. Josie101

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Last night i entered 2 codes from Coke 24 pk and got an extra 10 point bonus on both of them with no problem.Wish it would've been for the 12 pk Coke because i had lots of those i could've entered and really racked up on the points. :)
  8. Josie101

    Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal, 18.2 -Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) $7.69

    I ordered this yesterday...same price deal :yum: As an added bonus the upc codes can be cut out & used towards the Kellogg's Gas Rewards Card Deal.
  9. Josie101

    Free w/rebate Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit

    I got my sample & coupons from Vocalpoint yesterday so that would be an awesome deal :h5:
  10. Josie101

    My Habit $10 off first order/FS ends 6/1

    I really didn't see anything on that site that i liked. :( Thanks Alice! :)
  11. Josie101

    Free Alpo Real Dogs of America membership kit

    Thanks :h5:
  12. Josie101

    Possible Free Oscar Meyer product coupons - Kraft First Taste

    I got it this morning too! :h5:
  13. Josie101

    Free 5oz. Armour Pepperoni with Cheese sample

    Thank you for your submission. Samples limited to one per person/email/household. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Woot! I got it about 30 minutes ago but it was alot of work. :)
  14. Josie101

    35 Free RecycleBank Points

  15. Josie101

    Free 15 ct box of Ziploc Brand Freezer Gallon Bags

    Sweet! Thanks! :h5:
  16. Josie101

    Five DVD Movie Rentals $2 at Blockbuster Express

    It usually takes 1 day to get your codes but i ordered this earlier & it was in my acct within 5 minutes.They will email you when they are ready or you can go to your Groupon acct,log in, click on My Groupons and your purchases will be there. You'll have to click print then it will pop up and...
  17. Josie101

    Free Blockbuster Express DVD Rental April 22nd & 23rd

    Let me know if you have any luck :) If you do then i'll try again :)
  18. Josie101

    Free Blockbuster Express DVD Rental April 22nd & 23rd

    I tried at 2 different Blockbuster Express places and it told me the promo was not valid :mad: :(
  19. Josie101

    Free Almond Cheeze Cheddar Style Chunks sample

    Due to submissions from internet bots, we have disabled the free sample request form capability. Please check back again. We' will work to find a means of banning robots so you can still request individual samples on the site.
  20. Josie101

    Free candy or beverage at CVS

    Sweet...thanks! :h5:
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