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  1. dawn408

    Free Hat, Flask or Coupon Book from Copenhagen

    free hat or thermos from copenhagen copenhagen snuff pick a free cammouflage hat or steel thermos
  2. dawn408

    Captain D's free fish and fries

    Just got this in my email from Captain D's Join the D's club and get an emailed coupon for a free fish or chicken dinner with fries.
  3. dawn408

    11 Huggies points

    Thanks..they all worked but the last one. I needed some more points.
  4. dawn408

    Free $10 Newport News Merchandise Certificate

    They pulled that trick on me too. They waited till I had the merchandise(panties) for awhile then sent a bill but they also refused to let me return the panties since I had had them awhile. They had me wait for a decision too which was that they still were going to bill me. I threatened them...
  5. dawn408

    Free $10 Newport News Merchandise Certificate

    I just got my bill from them today. I called and the operator got all snotty with me about it. I told them it was there problem that they chose not to honor the $10 off offer but sent the panties anyway and then decided to send me a bill for it a month later. I offered to just return the panties...
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