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  1. thj0011

    Free Carton of Egg Beaters tomorrow

    This one is taking forever to get here, ha.
  2. thj0011

    $.55 or $2 off at Kroger affiliate stores

    Thanks! I only got $0.55 but better than nothing I guess.
  3. thj0011

    multi tool

    They've sent two different kinds out. I got one for the mountain bike delay and another for some new contest where you send in a video to win the chance to participate in community service with Marlboro. The one for the bike had a pair of scissors as the main tool and the second one I got has...
  4. thj0011

    Free stuff from Doctor Oz next week

    Congrats on winning the Nooks! Great prize!
  5. thj0011

    Free stuff from Doctor Oz next week

    I got the form for the Nook but no Captcha ever showed up so I didn't get it most likely. No biggie I guess.
  6. thj0011

    Free movie ticket

    I got two. One for me and one for the girlfriend.
  7. thj0011

    Free $5 McDonald’s GC

    $1 certificate can buy me a soda so that's cool.
  8. thj0011

    Free $5 McDonald’s GC

    It says my message was sent successfully so I hope that's a good sign.
  9. thj0011

    Free $5 Amazon GC -survey-EXPIRED

    Same here. Maybe I didn't qualify.
  10. thj0011

    Double Coke Rewards E-mail

    It worked on my Coca-Cola 12-pack codes. Got 20 points for each.
  11. thj0011

    Free Coffee Mate Creamer @ Staples store

    Repped you for this!
  12. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    I got mine and posted it to my account. The receipt said it took the $5 Deal Bucks so hopefully it will only end up costing $5 like it said. I'm sure the first $10 was just an authorization like their FAQ said.
  13. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    If you look at their FAQ it says that often you'll see two charges from them. The first is an authorization charge just making sure you can cover the cost of the item. They say that one will only be pending until they charge you the actual price later when the deal is done...
  14. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    I've heard numerous reviews on how bad a site Living Social is from past experiences so I'm hoping they're better with this one. That's a lot of giftcards to give out ha.
  15. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    Maybe one of your friends can sign up for an account and let you use it.
  16. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    Chris, I had to sign up and it took me to different pages and all so I don't know if it went through the link you posted. I apologize if that was your direct link and it didn't count my purchase.
  17. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    I signed up tonight when I went to the site and it was automatically in my account. I don't know if it's cause I'm a new member or what. Some people on H2S said they had previously gotten credits when they signed up at first but they used them on the Little Fockers special a few weeks back.
  18. thj0011

    $20 gift card for $10

    I got this deal! Thanks! It only cost me $5 as I hadn't used the site before and got $5 credit for signing up. Sweet! :h5:
  19. thj0011

    Free EAS Myoplex Bar or Shake -coupon

    I used one like this last year with no problem. It looked the same and came from the EAS website. If you go somewhere like GNC they'll usually take it. It expires the day after you print it though, at least mine does.
  20. thj0011

    kellee maize free cd and "terrible towel"

    Just from my experience her stuff never comes.
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