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  1. WindHarvester

    Free Red Zippo and Ashtray from Black & Mild

    Same here but thanks anyways Chris.
  2. WindHarvester

    I love playing them too but the same as you, only for free or if I find them on the course. I'll tell you these Taylomade giveaways are the best, with shipping and all it's saved everyone atleast $140.00 bucks. Thanks again Chris!
  3. WindHarvester

    I looked them up on Amazon and for a dozen of these balls they were $39.95 plus shipping so this is atleast a $20.00 freebie. I'm stoked and can't wait until the weather clears up so I can test the club and the balls. Congrats to those who got both!
  4. WindHarvester

    You Have Been Selected To Receive A Free 6-Ball Penta TP Pack! Congratulations! You have been selected to test the Penta TP golf ball by TaylorMade. As a result, you can expect to receive your 6-ball pack within the next four weeks. Every layer makes Penta TP the first complete Tour ball...
  5. WindHarvester

    Free Right at home Summer Prep Gift Pack

    Got it, Thanks Chris!
  6. WindHarvester

    Free Reflective Handicapped Sticker

    I'm not disabled but I got this one because I have many friends at the VFW that are and I plan to give it to one of them.
  7. WindHarvester

    Free Australian Lamb A World of Flavor recipe book

    Just got ours the other day, my wife loves it. Although we don't eat lamb, the recipes are going to be great for deer, pork and beaf. It has a great corn salsa mix in it. Thanks for sharing.
  8. WindHarvester

    Woolite® dry cleaner's secret sample

    I was able to get it free without purchasing too.
  9. WindHarvester

    Walmart Freebies

    Garnier is mailed and the Vitalense is a coupon.
  10. WindHarvester

    Free Rocket Building Workshop 101 dvd from Apogee Rockets

    "Okay, Houston we've had a problem here." "This is Houston. Say again please." "Houston, we've had a problem. This page cannot be found."
  11. WindHarvester

    GoodNites underwear at Target
  12. WindHarvester

    Free Texas Pete Hot and Wing Sauce samples
  13. WindHarvester

    Gold Bond Ultimate® Bodywash
  14. WindHarvester

    Free Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl popcorn

    WOO HOO I found an alternative free sample at walmart.
  15. WindHarvester

    Free Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl popcorn

    * We're sorry, but we are now out of our samples of Orville Rendenbacher's® Pop Up Bowl™ Darn it, I love popcorn. Thanks for sharing though!
  16. WindHarvester

    5 Free Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

    Hi Chris, I see you post these a lot and I just wandered what exactly they were, is it sort of like the coke rewards? I checked the site and couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you!
  17. WindHarvester

    Reminder -Free Chips at Kroger and Chik Biscuit at Krystal stores on Friday

    My Daughter is getting the chips after school. Thanks for sharing
  18. WindHarvester

    Free $10 Gift Card -survey

    I did it but don't know if I was one of the first 500. Thanks for sharing
  19. WindHarvester

    Free stuff from Sample Showcase

    Just signed up, does anyone know if I need to fill out a form when the clock runs out in five days? Thank you for sharing!
  20. WindHarvester

    Free Bottle of Suave Professionals on March 24

    it's 1:05 here and I just got it, better hurry folks. Thanks!
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