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  1. Suellen

    free 1 pair of Revlon sunglasses up to $99.99 at Sear optical

    I'd go now, but the optical center closed for the night at ours.....
  2. Suellen

    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    So far I have gotten 4 out of 8 shirts. All of them were Ohio State Buckeye shirts. lol
  3. Suellen

    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    Wow! I had already entered my points for the week, but it let me enter the codes just now! You can use each code twice for a total of 8 shirts! Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Suellen

    Free $15 Spa Cash Card

    I got this a week and a half ago, and was wondering what it was from lol!
  5. Suellen

    Free pure vanilla extract sample

    Another site says this is a fake.
  6. Suellen

    Free Kleenex Sneeze Catchers kit

    Mine came today!
  7. Suellen

    SanDisk MP3 Player - 80% off

    That's a really old model.
  8. Suellen

    Free $30 GC

    totally sucks! I got an email yesterday that they claim that I got in on the deal after it had sold out.Which is not true. They took away the GC and credited my account. :(
  9. Suellen

    Free $30 GC

    Hmm says get $10 credit for referring friends. You get the credit when they buy something. I'll pass.
  10. Suellen

    Taste of Home Cookbooks

    I just got mine today and they are really nice. QVC has a set of 2 cookbooks Comfort Food Diet Cookbook and Guilt Free Cooking for $15.96 at a while supplies last price. What makes this an even better deal is that there is a coupon in the one book for a free years subscription to Taste of Home...
  11. Suellen

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    :kekeke: Now I have 11 certificates! Yay for free video games....
  12. Suellen

    Sketchers Shape ups $39.99

    I got a pair from them last month at that price! I love them, however be careful, the picture made mine look plain black, but they have a ton of glittery silver on them. Goo0d thing I like shiny things. :D
  13. Suellen

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    :jump::jump: I just redeemed for this six times! I now have $30 in reward certificates.
  14. Suellen

    free terra chips party

    LOL! I got this out of the blue today! Yay for surprises. :)
  15. Suellen

    $10 groupon credit-EXPIRED

    Not very pleased about this post! I got the email with this code in it yesterday. It was from a sweepstakes for referring people to Groupon, I won the code fair and square, but you all got to it before I got a chance to use it. THis code was not intended for the general public.
  16. Suellen

    Free $10 pre paid debit card

    :h5: Great idea!
  17. Suellen

    Free $10 pre paid debit card

    I'm waiting for Chris before I do this one.
  18. Suellen

    free terra chips party

    Cool! Looks like I got one!
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