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    Free Kansas T-shirt

    woo 100%. its gonna be funny to see the look on my hubby's face when a kansas shirt shows up in an MU fans house.
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    IHOP - $4.99 Pancakes

    it is a GREAT deal. unless of course you have a husband and he has crazy friends. the 4 of them got into a pancake eating contest last year with this deal. the winner ate 16 1/2 pancakes. they were all sick for days. to this day my hubby can't stand the smell of pancakes or syrup LOL i...
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    Free Stuff from Allure this week

    i don't know if it was just a fluke or what.... i signed up and put income as up to $25,000and it wouldn't let me sign up. so i signed my mom up and did the up to $74,000 and it worked. so i did mine that way and it finally went through. maybe just operator error but just a heads up just in case
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    happy birthday

    happy birthday
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    125 Free Disney Movie rewards points this month

    todays code is Hilarious just in case some couldn't figure that out
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    Free Tide Swash Sample

    they just posted... all are gone already.they went quick.
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