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  1. jennp

    Free $20 shutterfly credit

    Where did you find the promo code? I got the email from them & clicked the link and it just takes me to a page to sign in and enter the promo code. BUT - I can't find the code anywhere! Feeling pretty stupid here...
  2. jennp

    $20 running shoes free shipping too were $100!

    I got my shoes yesterday too and was very impressed as well. If you were on the fence about these, they are super comfortable and seem to be very good quality. And I agree, they were cuter than the pic!
  3. jennp

    $20 running shoes free shipping too were $100!

    I got a pair! Good deal - thanks for posting!
  4. jennp

    $1.00 Flip Flops at Old Navy Saturday, May 23rd.

    We went in the afternoon and there was a little bit of a crowd but nothing major. There wasn't much left but the employees were telling people just to buy whatever was there and come back in a week when they get more to exchange them for the right sizes. That's what I did when they had their...
  5. jennp

    50 cents for a shopping bag and free gift with free shipping!

    I am getting this: The minimum amount in order to use your coupon is 15 dollars
  6. jennp

    1-800-Flowers $15 off $39.95 ends 4/26

    I would be happy to trade you for some if there is anything you are looking for. :)
  7. jennp

    Omaha Steaks, free ham or free shipping

    What do you have to buy to get the free ham?? Not a lot of details there...
  8. jennp

    Free Appetizer at Texas Roadhouse

    Free appetizer at Texas Roadhouse when you sign up for their emails.
  9. jennp

    Free Chips and Queso at Chilis

    Free chips & queso at Chili's when you sign up for their emails.
  10. jennp

    Free Recipe Books from Smuckers & Jif You do need to send a postacrd in to get this.
  11. jennp

    Free Eraser Set from Mailfinity

    Why do you think?? I am kind of a newbie on the freebie scene and would love to know what you look for with this kind of stuff. How can you tell that it is not legit?
  12. jennp

    Free Eraser Set from Mailfinity

    Free set of 3 erasers!!
  13. jennp

    Free Address Labels from Maker's Mark Sign up to become an "Ambassador" for Maker's Mark and they will send you free address labels AND engrave your name on one of their barrels! Plus they say "much more" so who knows what could follow! :confused:
  14. jennp

    Free Stationary Set from St. Joseph's Indian School

    Receive Native American themed note cards, a writing pad and address labels. US addresses only. ... er&cat=118
  15. jennp

    Address Labels

    Free Address Labels at: Not sure how many they will send though.
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