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    Kodak photo gallery 10 free cards

    I just ordered me a set of these with this code FREE10CARDS they are in sets of 10 so 1 set I only paid $2.29 for the shipping
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    ELF cosmetics got this from hip2save spend $10 get .25 shipping great stocking stuffers
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    Mattel Pink Friday pink friday is free shipping and up to 60% off on some barbies they got some nice stuff for cheap
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    Fatheads 94% off certain fatheads 5.99 each! these things are $100 normally
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    free harley davidson poster
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    2lbs of pens 9.99 shipped

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    Pink Ribbon shirt pretty shirt for a great cause
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    Hot Topic 50% off clearance

    if anyone here likes new moon this deal is for you all their clearance stuff is another 50% off lots of stuff and its cheap
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    Havainas Flip flops

    I get to much spam from these people but this one I couldnt help but post for everyone! they have a 2 pack for $24 some are $18 and they have lots of colors:jump: some of you might have credits left I had a couple $$ might order me some for my...
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    If you eat Sara Lee bread and your kids love toy story

    got this from Cafemom FREE dinnerware with UPCs from the soft sara lee breads
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