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  1. mommycassandra - 50% off Sale + FREE shipping

    Great Deal Ordered 3 pairs of jeans and they fit and feel great. Got them yesterday! Thanks!!
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    Target dollar aisle clearance-25 cents!

    My Target $1.00 and $2.50 area was 90% off yesterday. I got alot of socks and Christmas related items for dirt cheap. Tape 2 pack was $0.10 and these cute Towels were $0.10 I got around 50 items for under 7 bucks. Some of the $2.50 items were $0.25 but you can't beat that. I rocked my target $1...
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    Rolaid Recall- Soft Chews

    Rolaid is recalling many different rolaid soft chews. This website you will be able to check if your product is recalled. Then you may submit a claim for your product and will then receive a check in th amount...
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    Give booze, get a rebate up to $50!

    This is Great! Thanks!
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    $10 off $10 Code Jcpenny

    Use GIVEJOY to get $10 off any $10 Order.
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    Garnier Fructis 48 cents at target ymmv

    I got me myself 2 of these the other day!
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    Free Product Testing For Clio Designs Shavers

    What is a Product Test? I know it might sound stupid but I am not on top of things.
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