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    Portable DVD/CD player $9.99 officedepot Great deal for those free GC's we got!!
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    Northland 12 pc Cookware Set $33 plus shipping

    Yes... she said she did.. she ordered over $99 so maybe that is why she didnt notice the price of shipping?? I need new pans too!:uh:
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    Mens heavyweight cotton crew socks 6 pr $7.99 + FS

    Ebay deal of the day! $7.99 black or white.. I got two sets!! One thing I didnt give hubby for christmas was socks.. of course this year he says where are my socks? I need new...
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    Kohl's 20% off today and 5 off 5

    Every little bit helps is right! Thats the point of this forum I think. .we are trying to save as much as possible! Great job! :h5:
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    Northland 12 pc Cookware Set $33 plus shipping

    Worked for me- but do I want stainless steel? Is it hard to clean? :dunno: Dont want to spend what little time I have scrubbing!! What do you think? Have you ever used stainless steel? I want the cephelon set but of course cannot afford it. :cry: Product Name Unit Price Qty Subtotal Update...
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    $10 Beyond the rack credit Hurry *HOT

    Me either.. their shipping is so high!
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    DVD Player $15.99 + $5 shipping!! Hurry

    :uh: Sorry I got you confused with the other dog pic avatar.. the one with the disabled son.. my apologies..
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    High Precision Tweezers - $.39 shipped

    Smart.. better safe than sorry..:nono: I have seen there there many times.. didnt post them because of how sharp they are.. maybe you can use them to get a splinter out though-thats how sharp they are.. I would use them for that.. but not for the face. Or if you are beading? You could use them...
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    High Precision Tweezers - $.39 shipped

    Be careful! They are very sharp..:uh: they come to a pinpoint at the tip.. :nono::nono: not meant for facial use.. facial tweezer tips are very different! Dont let your kids see you trying this.. scary what can happen when they try to imitate you with these.. :noes:
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    High Precision Tweezers - $.39 shipped

    You can only use one coupon code per day at meritline..
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    High Precision Tweezers - $.39 shipped

    :bowrofl: these are for computer repair.. ANTISTATIC precision tweezers.. are for repairing your computer..
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    DVD Player $15.99 + $5 shipping!! Hurry

    :h5: Good deal! Perfect for your son so he can relax and watch his shows!!
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    DVD Player $15.99 + $5 shipping!! Hurry :bigthumb:
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    Ear Warmers $3.20 shipped

    The chocolate brown are only .99 cents per pair.. I got these when they were on jizbee 2 pair for $2.99 They are great.
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