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  • Happy Birthday Heather!!! I hope it's a good one hun. I really do miss you, hope to see you around more once the kiddies start school!!! <3
    Heather!! :) Hi!! I've been thinking about you this weekend so thought I'd stop by :) I hope everything is good!! ((hugggs)) Jackie ps. when you hug your kids next time, give them a little squeeze for me too ;)
    Got your address will send them out tomorrow, and no nothing I can think of that we need. Have some other freebie coupons I will send along also. Sorry about your brother.
    just so you know.... got the train yesterday, sent it out today! :D thank you so much Heather!!!
    Thank You Tiff!! Merry Christmas to you too!! I need you to pm your email again, I lost it when I was getting referrals ready to email out to you for the survey places.
    Aw, Thanks Miss Noel. What better way to promote safe sex then getting coupons for myself....lol.
    aww Heather... I hope your feeling better xoxoxo I was just thinking about you, haven't seen you around, so get well soon!! Jackie
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