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    Free $10 Gift Card you can pick Amazon or other for 21st Century Insurance Free quote

    ?? Thought I would post. My friend did get the gift card yesterday - said they contacted 21 Century through their "contact us". Said it took 4 emails however. So up to you. :r:
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    Free $10 Gift Card you can pick Amazon or other for 21st Century Insurance Free quote

    ? I signed up the day after cyber Monday and got one the next day. However, a friend signed up after I got mine and they have not gotten the gift card. So? Maybe take a chance - I did not give my phone number seeing that others did get a call. (Thanks for posting) :xmas:
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    Radio Shack - Kindle Touch 3G

    Thanks. I was going to gift this but the recipient wanted something else. So, I am going to keep it for myself. Looks very nice for reading and will be great to use outside. :wavey:
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    Radio Shack - Kindle Touch 3G

    I got a Kindle Touch 3G today at Radio Shack marked down from $180 to $49. I used a $10 off $40 Radioshack coupon I printed from Facebook (it was available today). (Also if you are in the Military you can get an additional discount.) And after making the purchase I got back a coupon with my...
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    Happy Birthday Chris....and me...

    Happy Birthday!:)
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    Get a floral printed blazer 10/10/2012 FB

    That blazer is flashy! I would wear it!
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    Saveology $15 Staples GC for $7.50

    It says you get the voucher for redemption immediately and after you order it will say come back tommorow. However, if you go searching around your account for it, it is available immediately. You take the voucher# and order the gift card and it says it will arrive in the mail within 7-10...
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    silkies orders.....

    New Silkies Code for $10 off of $10: RFJFV Just tried this and did not work - didn't take any discount off msde or shipping
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    Kohls extra 40% off Clearance

    Went to the Kohls store today had tons of clearance all an extra 40% off lowest ticket. Got a bunch of athletic clothes very cheap.
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    StumbleUpOn Amazon GiftCards

    Have not received this. Anyone else? :dunno:
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    StumbleUpOn Amazon GiftCards

    I had forgotten the details about this. Hope I receive mine too. :)
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    Living Social

    LivingSocial has a $20 voucher for OfficeMax for $10. Check the terms and it does expire on 12/31/11 so you'll want to use it. I had $10 credit in my account and used it on this.
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    American Express Giveaway?

    I got a $25 AE giftcard from the giveaway from FedEX on Facebook. I spent if at the grocery store (Meijer) last night. No problems it works just like any other prepaid credit/gc.
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    free 1 pair of Revlon sunglasses up to $99.99 at Sear optical

    The store near me did not have any of these sunglasses and they indicated they only had a few pairs for this giveaway. Plus theirs were valued at the $10 range not $99 so probably not the greatest glasses but still free. Probably call ahead instead of making a special trip. :xmas:
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    $10 CVS gift card for $5

    Just redeemed this. :)
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